Who We Are?

About Us

premium puppies began as a partnership between two families: The Rabers and The Kauffmans. I first met Robert in 2015, when I asked him if I could stop by and take some photos of his prize Golden Retriever sire, Pudgey. Immediately, I realized there was something outstanding about Robert and his family, who’ve been breeding Goldens for over 15 years. They were sincerely passionate about the breed, and about their dogs in particular.

As “Pudgey” strolled over to me to say “hello,” I listened as Robert related the personalities, pedigrees, and offspring of his beloved dogs. He seemed to have their pedigrees all memorized! Robert and I quickly became friends and partners, as I knew I would be proud to recommend his gorgeous, well-conformed, AKC, champion-bloodline pups to families across Ohio and the country who were looking for a Golden to complete their family.

Today, our scope has expanded. premiumpuppies100.com is now a network of several breeders, each of which is committed to:


  • Carefully-planned breedings
  • Striving to raise healthy, socialized Golden pups that represent the Golden Retriever breed well, and that are ready to transition smoothly to new homes
  • Backing each pup we place with our 2-year genetic health guarantee
  • Working closely with licensed veterinarians to be sure our puppies are healthy, and that deworming and vaccination protocols are current.

Each customer receives a vet-signed copy of the health certificate, the deworming and vaccination records, as well as AKC registration paperwork. You will notice the puppies on the “our puppies” page are not all from the same breeder or the same location. Each of our breeders is a small family breeder, and most raise just 2 or 3 litters per year. Others, like Robert & Martha, raise 7-8. And just about all of them have young children who love to socialize, play, and “help” in raising the pups on a regular basis. This allows us to offer a wide selection of Golden Retriever puppies year round, without losing the down-to-earth authenticity of visiting a breeder’s home to pick out your puppy (versus a pet store or broker who doesn’t allow you to visit the breeder).

The internet has changed how folks shop for a puppy, especially in the last number of years. While many of our customers now pick their pup out through photos, we happily accommodate those who would like to select their pup the “old-fashioned way,” by visiting the premises, playing with the puppies, talking to the breeder in person, and making a selection. Just call the number listed with the puppy or puppies in which you are interested, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!